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Case Studies

Since 2016, our collaboration with OutSystems has immensely benefited clients and accelerated business outcomes by enabling firms to build future-oriented, top-grade web and mobile applications, so as to keep pace with the constantly evolving business requirements. We continue to invest in our partnership in order to derive greater value for our clients in the future.

Designed by Freepik

Energy Management Multinational

Quote management, Digital Order Management, Project Management tool, Idea Incubation tool

B2E, B2C


Designed by Freepik

Referral Application

Supply Chain and Runtime Communication Management



Designed by Freepik

Indian BFSI Conglomerate

Loan origination system, Client Registration, Verification, Underwriting and Loan Disbursal, Integrations - APIs, Reports, Partner Services (i.e. CIBIL & PAN services)



Designed by Freepik


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